“Editors Cruz and Sipin have called on a new generation of Filipin@ poets, artists and writers to reveal the continuity of the ever-changing super-script of Kuwento—Vision Telling—of what has been passed on from the ancestors in the Now. This is an unprecedented project that, perhaps, marks a new Filipin@ literary Renaissance. Stories, “accessories,” terms and images of “spell-craft” and shamanic awakenings once held in private are now open for all. Cutting through colony, migration, Mestizo-ness, one-side America, these torch-bearers of Bulosan and spirit-ethnographers of Aswang, the shape-shifting woman, notice the workings of culture and power, origins and family, self and transformation with kindness, multi-directional intelligence and a heightened heart.”

California Poet Laureate

“This anthology marks a seminal moment in Pilipino diasporic literature. The amazing range of work collected here is a measure of the ways in which the diaspora reaches home and recovers things that are lost and reimagines them, creating a new vocabulary for work that is at once original and new, at once centered in the Philippines but exists globally. A remarkable achievement.”

Author of The Secret history of Las Vegas and The Virgin of Flames

“Kuwento: Lost Things reimagines and reinvigorates old myths, while simultaneously inventing new ones. The writers gathered here—some we’ve read for years, some we’re just now discovering—are of the highest order: storytellers for today, mythmakers for tomorrow.”

Author of Monstress

“Skillfully collected by Rachelle Cruz and Melissa Sipin, Kuwento nimbly delivers a portentous punch. Forty-four pieces from some of the finest and freshest writers in the field seamlessly split by fourteen haunting images challenging every which way we look – this book is incredible. This tremendous pucker of poem and story smolders between deftly enculturated creases, opening and unfolding faster fumes than guava leaves might smother out. Engaging, exhilarating, evocative, an intermission of artwork lays dead center, allowing the reader visual entrance into surrealistic dreamscape madly awakened here. While stealthily submerging the reader under perilous rising tides, duwende, brujas, and monsters present, and the plunge has just begun—madly beautiful.”

Author of Streaming, and Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer
Distinguished Writer in Residence, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa